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Crowdfunding Innovation – @MassInno event

Mass Innovation Nights is producing two educational events about crowdfunding to help the local innovation and entrepreneur communities make sense of what’s happening.  Crowdfunding is a big movement and lawmakers are in the midst of creating guidelines and rules that will create opportunities and confusion.  MassInno is acting as a connector for our community to host a panel conversation with entrepreneurs who launched products at Mass Innovation Nights and have crowdfunded projects.  Our growing list panelists include Mass Inno alumni LifeCycle, Memory On Hand, and Ministry of Supply.

“Crowdfunding Innovation” is a sponsored, ticketed event separate from @MassInno’s free monthly Launch Parties.  The September 19th event is designed to give a current snapshot of the state of crowdfunding.  Everyone who attends will receive a 4GB MoH Band™  USB Flash Drive Wristband loaded with crowdfunding content, an e-book and digital resources.

The follow up January 23rd 2013 event will offer valuable insights on developments from the anticipated Q4 2012 passage of government rules.  Both events will take place at the Microsoft NERD (New England Research and Development) Center in Cambridge, MA.

Mass Innovation Nights is actively looking for sponsors and possibilities start with:

  • On-site event integration
  • Content marketing  as a guest blogger in the @MassInno weekly newsletter to 5,000+ readers
  • @MassInno website advertising in July, August and September
  • Consideration for panel participation
  • Content inclusion on “Crowdfunding Innovation” Memory On Hand 4GB wristbands.
  • Feature at an upcoming Mass Innovation Nights Launch Party

Tickets are on sale now


Twitter #Hacked, now QR codes…

Do bad things truly happen in 3’s?  It IS October.  My Twitter account was hacked and I since learned that my fascinating friend the QR code is the next victim.  Maybe it was the foreboding question someone at Mass Innovation Nights #MIN31 (note the number) asked me about the QRCTT project I’ve been shepherding.  “I just got this new smartphone, I want to try this QR scan and Tweet for one of the Innovators.  Are these things safe?….”  Fortunately the wiseguy in me replied “well in tech most anything is possible, so I can’t vouch for that…”.  I’d like to point you to John Paul Titlow’s recent post on ReadWriteWeb.

Mobile Marketer does a good job embedding a Final Take video in articles.  Here’s Chantal Tode’s Final Take on yesterday’s article “Malicious QR code campaigns threaten legitimate marketers”:

I’ll share more as Dag, Bobbie, Jim, Nirmal and I circle back on the QR codes and analytics from the next Mass Innovation Night #MIN32 on November 9th at the Mass Challenge incubator in Boston’s Innovation District.

And the third bad thing happened, not horrible, but it’s over.


Future M Boston Takeaways

FutureM was a busy week of learning, meeting people and inspiration for the competitive juices scurrying between the Microsoft NERD Center, SCVNGR, Hill Holiday, the Mass Challenge space and beyond.  Here are three things that resonate with me and I want to give these guys their props.

Authentic Zeal Creates Conversations Boris Revsin of CampusLIVE presented his startup for a live critique at “The Pitch”.  His firm’s capabilities and edge are perfectly matched for similarly-minded brands that target college students.  He’s the personification of a client’s product which best described as a Listerine-Breath-Strip-full-of-Red-Bull.

Message Clarity Focuses Efforts  Holland-Mark’s Mike Troiano hosted “Selling the Dogfood: Startup Marketing Before & After Product/Market Fit”.


Fit for human consumption.

It was by far the best session of the entire week.  If you put aside all the technology, platforms, betas and buzz building, every organization needs a focused plan.  Take this opportunity to glean all you can from Mike’s presentation slides here.

In Person Can Still Trump Digital  John McTigue of Kuno Creative attended HubSpot’s IMS11 and HUGS11 and noted that “Real Engagement is 10X More Valuable Than Online Engagement”.  Viable business connections are still made in face to face conversations with exchange of paper business cards.  Check out John’s blog here.

I encourage you to comment on your FutureM favorites and takeaways here and recognize brilliance.


Finally, I heard someone explain something in dollars.

I encountered two people this week who shared some clear numbers in web/digital/tech allocations.  I’m sharing these because they explain a recipe for combining digital technology with human savvy in the context of dollars – something we can all relate to.

Grasshopper Group’s Jonathan C. Kay hosted an impressive panel “Building An Army of Brand Loyalists” that included Backupify’s Kristin Dziadul and RunKeeper’s Sarah HodgesGrasshopper Group Search Term ComparisonJonathan’s energetic opening framed the context of the panel’s discussion and examples of building trust, reputation and fan-dome.  Jonathan, “Ambassador of Buzz” shared how client service is building a strong online social media reputation and how they’ve been able to revise their ppc keywords from expensive product search terms to much more attractively-priced branded search terms that TRIPLED volume in two years.  The result is $144,600 in ppc spending and practically immeasurable customer loyalty and zeal worthy of being called Raving Fans.

Check out Jonathan’s blog at  It has an appropriate descriptive.

Elevation Partners Director and Co-Founder Roger McNamee addressed the Paley Center for Media recently with “Ten Trends in Technology” and some very compelling observations including the fact of Google losing market share right now.  Roger McNameeClick here for the link to video.  Roger’s an avid musician who explained how reallocating $100,000 of his band’s operating expenses allowed them to build a high-definition tv network that broadcasts every show live with no cash impact on the band’s business.  The entire 50 minutes is a very good use of your time.  Thanks @cspenn for mentioning @mitchjoel’s blog where I caught this.

Reallocating dollars allows companies to invest in sales talent like Jonathan and technology like Roger’s network to generate more revenue measured in dollars.

Who do you know that deserves a similar shout out?


Swype the Poltergeist television screen?

I read a great article in Mobile Marketer this week “The correct relationship between apps, mobile Web sites and Web sites” by Alan S. Knitowski that offers a good perspective on the adoption and integration of mobile in a post “we-need-a-webiste” era.  In it Alan references a child intuitively trying to “swype” a television screen.

A good point to consider in a marketing plan is the point of contact between a company’s marketing message and its intended buyer/user (read David Meerman Scott’s buyer persona blog).  Where are the buyer/user’s fingers and eyes when they are connecting with the message?  Smartphone screen?  Tablet?  Keyboard/monitor?  Are those the fingers of a generation that grew up on rotary dial phones and graduated to touch-tone or are they on the hands of those whose parent allows the phone to double as a toy?

Carol Anne swyping in 1982

There are distinct generational differences in how a buyer/user is going to intuitively and comfortably use new technology or revert to old, more familiar ways to eventually open their wallets.  Imagine that little girl in Poltergeist being able to “swype” away the messages from the tv and surf to something she really wanted.

Where are the buyers’ fingers that lead to a wallet when exposed to your message?  And how old are they?

Where have you seen success and “learning experiences” in generational use of technology in marketing?  Please comment.


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