QR code – ClickToTweet cobbling project for @massinno

A few months ago I cobbled together a QR code generator with “ClickToTweet” to create an experiment (QRCTT) that allows attendees at Mass Innovation Nights to use QR code scans on their smartphones  to send an instant shout-out Tweet for participating companies at the monthly gatherings.  This slide show explains the cobbling.

#MIN24 @timstansky

Click to view.

There’s a lot of novelty in getting hundreds of attendees to try it out and give a Tweet mention to a worthy innovator.  It also builds social media buzz.  At our August Mass Innovation Night Launch Party we were able to add analytics to our QRCTT project.  Many thanks to Nirmal Parikh of Digital Wavefront for responding to my request for help on the MITX Group on LinkedIn.

So now I’m looking for suggestions from the community to figure out what else we could do to refine our experiment with QRCTT to optimize our social media and Tweets for participating companies each month.

> Should we incorporate the Mass Innovation Nights logo into our codes?

> Should we use multiple code/tag formats?  Microsoft NERD in Cambridge, MA graciously hosts our event on occasion – thanks!

> What’s the most amazing thing we could do with this?

Our objective is lots of social media for the participating companies each month.  Oh, yeah, and true to our free event, stone-soup approach, no budget for development or even printing handouts until I secure an underwriter for this QRCTT segment of our events.  Anyone interested?  @timstansky

If you’re not familiar with Mass Innovation Nights click here.

The next Mass Innovation Nights Lauch Party #MIN30 will be September 14th at SCVNGR’s Cambridge, MA offices.  It’s a FREE event and you should register here.

Please add your comments, Tweet, Google+, Like and share.  Thanks.


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