Finally, I heard someone explain something in dollars.

I encountered two people this week who shared some clear numbers in web/digital/tech allocations.  I’m sharing these because they explain a recipe for combining digital technology with human savvy in the context of dollars – something we can all relate to.

Grasshopper Group’s Jonathan C. Kay hosted an impressive panel “Building An Army of Brand Loyalists” that included Backupify’s Kristin Dziadul and RunKeeper’s Sarah HodgesGrasshopper Group Search Term ComparisonJonathan’s energetic opening framed the context of the panel’s discussion and examples of building trust, reputation and fan-dome.  Jonathan, “Ambassador of Buzz” shared how client service is building a strong online social media reputation and how they’ve been able to revise their ppc keywords from expensive product search terms to much more attractively-priced branded search terms that TRIPLED volume in two years.  The result is $144,600 in ppc spending and practically immeasurable customer loyalty and zeal worthy of being called Raving Fans.

Check out Jonathan’s blog at www.jonathanckay.com.  It has an appropriate descriptive.

Elevation Partners Director and Co-Founder Roger McNamee addressed the Paley Center for Media recently with “Ten Trends in Technology” and some very compelling observations including the fact of Google losing market share right now.  Roger McNameeClick here for the link to video.  Roger’s an avid musician who explained how reallocating $100,000 of his band’s operating expenses allowed them to build a high-definition tv network that broadcasts every show live with no cash impact on the band’s business.  The entire 50 minutes is a very good use of your time.  Thanks @cspenn for mentioning @mitchjoel’s blog where I caught this.

Reallocating dollars allows companies to invest in sales talent like Jonathan and technology like Roger’s network to generate more revenue measured in dollars.

Who do you know that deserves a similar shout out?


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