Swype the Poltergeist television screen?

I read a great article in Mobile Marketer this week “The correct relationship between apps, mobile Web sites and Web sites” by Alan S. Knitowski that offers a good perspective on the adoption and integration of mobile in a post “we-need-a-webiste” era.  In it Alan references a child intuitively trying to “swype” a television screen.

A good point to consider in a marketing plan is the point of contact between a company’s marketing message and its intended buyer/user (read David Meerman Scott’s buyer persona blog).  Where are the buyer/user’s fingers and eyes when they are connecting with the message?  Smartphone screen?  Tablet?  Keyboard/monitor?  Are those the fingers of a generation that grew up on rotary dial phones and graduated to touch-tone or are they on the hands of those whose parent allows the phone to double as a toy?


Carol Anne swyping in 1982

There are distinct generational differences in how a buyer/user is going to intuitively and comfortably use new technology or revert to old, more familiar ways to eventually open their wallets.  Imagine that little girl in Poltergeist being able to “swype” away the messages from the tv and surf to something she really wanted.

Where are the buyers’ fingers that lead to a wallet when exposed to your message?  And how old are they?

Where have you seen success and “learning experiences” in generational use of technology in marketing?  Please comment.

image: www.classicmoviepostersblog.com


1 Response to “Swype the Poltergeist television screen?”

  1. 1 estelle macdonald
    July 25, 2011 at 10:40 am

    Thanks so much for all of this!! Love the site-links-and of course i’m swype-in and sharin:) and shouting your name of course.. Such a great time with so many places to let your fingers play..!!

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