oneforty taught me about “any to many” and 10:1

Today I attended the Pixability Webinar “Shoot, Tweet, Repeat”  hosted by Bettina Hein @pixability with Laura Fitton @pistachio.  It was a great meeting point on the digital schoolyard for Bettina’s video company and Laura’s Twitter business savvy of oneforty fame.  Laura Fitton, Bettina Hein

Takeaway #1  Digital media content – video, web, tweets, blogs, streams, podcasts – can come from ANY one person and gain tidal exposure to MANY in a very short period of time if the content is authentic, entertaining and useful.  People will pick up on it and endorse it by sharing, Tweeting, and forwarding.  A couple video examples contrasted two individuals with passion for wine.  One had the look and feel of a Texas-proud hostess and guest who subscribe to the higher-the-hair-the-closer-to-God way of being on camera.  The other was that of a Jersey guy who records his videos when he travels.  One could never pull off what the other was doing.  They were being themselves.
Takeaway #2  Play nice on the digital schoolyard.  Barbara Green @thedesigndiva summed it up nicely  “10 tweets of value for 1 “ask” tweet” as a good standard ratio.  The real winners in social media are helping others through their authenticity and avoid blatantly selling, hawking or self-promoting.


1 Response to “oneforty taught me about “any to many” and 10:1”

  1. July 20, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Tim, thanks so much for attending the webinar and posting your thoughts! We sat down with Laura for a few additional questions after the webinar ended, and we posted that footage today: http://www.pixability.com/blog/shoot-tweet-repeat-more-questions-laura-fitton
    We hope you’ll join us again next time!

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