The Boston Globe reports the demise of TV on boston.com

Today I read a Tweet by @StevenEBrown re-Tweeted by @dankennedy_nu about a link on boston.com featuring an article in The Boston Globe about the demise of the local television anchor as next-door rock star.

It comes on the heels of another article on boston.com I read yesterday on my droid as passenger in a car reporting that WGBH is digitizing local news footage from their own archives and those of other Boston media outlets.  Does this feel to you like the digital age is preparing the digital photo albums for the family gathering after television’s funeral?

For me, this a clear milestone in the changing mediascape of the news and information we want and how we consume it.

image from sugardoodle.net

The Tweet on my droid brought me to my computer to read the article online, mull it over, consider it worthy to blog about, and tweet without ever getting ink on my hands or reaching for my clicker (digital antenna, I cut the Comcast cord when I moved to Cambridge…).  Sounds like that child’s rhyme about the old lady who swallowed a fly…

Where do you think the new crop of rock-star bloggers/anchors/reporters will sprout?  Who are your favorites so far?


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