Getting There

Or, maybe I should have named this post Staying Ahead.  I’ve created this blog to share my passion for marketing that meshes traditional media with new media and technologies.  This is my place to give props to those who create good work.  Sure, I’m currently giddy about the possibilities in mobile marketing, QR codes and the like.  But I’m equally impressed by simple execution that makes it easy for people to find things they want, need or ask help for.  (Yes, I know I just ended a sentence with a preposition and someone with the gift of proofreading is hearing their inner tick and is grasping for a red marker.)

www.kendallsquare.orgEarlier this year I commented on a post on a LinkedIn Mobile Marketing and Advertising Group discussion  about QR codes used in transit ads on the Red Line, the subway that runs from Boston to Cambridge with stops at MIT and Harvard.  I noticed recently that the Farmers’ Market settled for using good old fashioned directional ads on transit posters in the Kendall Square Red Line station to direct hungry Cantabrigians to where they can buy fresh bounty.  No need for a signal, a charged battery, or GPS positioning.  The simplicity among the technology, ink on paper in front of thousands of riders struck me as very good execution.

What brilliant uses of marketing have you seen lately?  High tech, low tech, events, engagement of people that really struck a chord?  I’d really like your comments.


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